Wednesday, December 12, 2012

 After dropping Brooke and Ella off at school one day, I was amazed at what a beautiful fall morning it was.  So Claire and I grabbed the camera and headed off to the Daly Mansion.  Here are some of the reasons why I love Montana.  


Why is it that I haven't even finished blogging for September and December is already here?!  How did that even happen? So now I am doing the I-have-to-hurry-and-get-caught-up-before-the-holidays-because-then-I-will-have-even-more-posts-to-catch-up-on last minute blog.

Ella's Birthday!
This year Ella was VERY picky on what kind of party she had.  Normally I can convince her of what we should do, but not this year.  That girl didn't like anything I had to suggest. I even sat her down at the computer and we went through idea after idea. I got a birthday magazine and told her to pick one idea out. Do you know what she liked? Nothing.  NOTHING! But then, one fabulous day, Ella waked up to me and said that she knew exactly what kind of party she wanted.  And when she told me what she wanted to do, I knew she was a genius (as a mom you always suspect, but this confirmed it).  So this is how her big day turned out!

First stop was at the nail parlor and the make-up counter.  Thanks to our big girls Lizzie and Megan for helping:) 

 Then it was off the the hair salon.  This was my personal favorite because it is amazing how these little girls just talked my ear off!  It is a natural instinct for girls to talk to their hair stylist and it apparently starts at birth.  These girls could not have been cuter.  

 Next came wardrobe and accessories with Ceara at the ready. 

Even little Squish got all dressed up by the big kids with painted nails and earrings to boot:) 

 Of course we can't forget the main event.  The RUNWAY (complete with runway music and audience)!

 And for the finale all of our top models and even the backstage crew came out for a dance party! 
 Unlike most models, these ones finished off their big success with a backstage celebration of cake and ice cream.  The cake was fashioned with buttons, ribbon, bows and even some pearls. 

Maybe a little birthday cupcakes for school won't hurt either.