Friday, September 30, 2011

Third beginning

So I am probably breaking some blogging law that states I can't go out of order with my timeline but it must be done. I am going to catch up with our history starting with the birth of Claire. Too many good things have happened this summer that I simply won't be able to sleep if I don't put them into words. So here we go.

This is me....pregnant. Yikes. The morning of May 12th seemed normal...unfortunately. I was ready to have a baby but nothing was happening. Rob left for work at 5:00 and as he left I reassured him that no baby would be coming today. He left. 7:00 brought the girls into my room to fill their empty bellies. As I sat up to get out of bed, BAM!! HUGE CONTRACTION!! This is my third time around. I knew what that meant. I was short on time. I went out to the kitchen to get the kids breakfast and take care of them before heading to the hospital. Stupid idea. Did I mention that this was my third time around?? Should have known better. Before I got to the kitchen another HUGE CONTRACTION!!! I turned right back around and woke my mom up. She took care of the kids while I called Rob. Hmmm.....why isn't he answering the phone??? This is his third time around. Doesn't he know that if I am calling him at 7:15 AM two days away from our due date something MIGHT be happening???? After calling a couple of times he finally called back. Our conversation was short. Turns out that the poor guy was in the BL3 completely gowned up and with a bunch of deadly pathogens exposed. Bad timing on my part-or baby's part. I have to say he was driving rather fast-just like any knight in shinning armor who is trying to save his wife (or marriage) would do.
7:45 brought us to the hospital. The hospital had been warned of my coming and my lack of time before this baby was coming. I don't think they believed me. Everyone sure was slow on getting me to the room. One nurse even gave me the look like "yeah, yeah, everyone's baby is coming 'right now'..." To make a very fast but intense story short, my body went into shock and I almost lost consciousnesses but my doctor rocks and kept me going. Oh yeah, the fluids and oxygen helped too. My nurse couldn't get an IV in me because of this little going-into-shock-problem. I remember asking a couple of times when I would be getting my epidural. I also remember nobody answering me. Lame. I connected the dots and then told the doctor to "Get it out of me!" and went to work.

8:45 brought a beautiful baby girl that looked just like my other babies but with her daddy's nose. The hospital was having a computer malfunction and couldn't get me any pain meds for five hours. I felt kinda pioneeer-ish. And tough.
Dear, dear Claire. You were so calm and peaceful right from the beginning. You didn't cry a lot. The doctor told me to try to get you to cry more so that your lungs could develop. You slept in the incubator with your arms over your head. We named this sleeping position of yours that soon became habit for you "dead bug". You were a great eater:) I always heard about easy babies but to actually have one!! What a blessing you are! You even slept 5 hours straight your first night.
Ella and Brooke were excited to meet you. Brooke brought you a ladybug from our garden. And Ella brought some weeds that she picked. I loved having all my loved ones within my reach. These are the moments to remember.

Claire and I had some great bonding time together since this was my best recovery yet and Rob was able to go to Ella's first ballet performance "The Ugly Duckling" where she was a little duckling who made fun of the ugly ducking. And how cute she was!! I will admit that I cried a little bit because I had to miss it but luckily I knew she had more performances and a wonderful invention called a "camcorder". Plus, she was more excited that Grandma got to see her anyway.
Grandma stayed with us for a week and did everything for us!! Thanks Mom!!
What a little miracle little babies are. Bless this Child.