Saturday, February 11, 2012

Bringing in the New Year!

So far our year has been busy. Just like everyone else, after the holidays, life keeps going. I don't know why I expect a lull but I do and every year I end up doing something just for me just because I am tired of living by the schedule. So this year my sense of taking control of my time and not being responsible came in the form of Claire's room. For two days I didn't even check my online class and I am sure my children were neglected (because we ALL need "us" time to be better people).

And this was Claire's reaction. This was by far more for me than for her.

Brooke and Ella did not want their vacation to end. So we let them have a slumber party in their room complete with blowup bed, popcorn, and a movie. So easy to please.

One other highlight of January was that Ella lost her first tooth on the same day that Claire got her first tooth in which also happened to be during our first home game of Fruity Battle! So many great firsts during our first month of the year. This was monumental for Ella because she loves being big and it was a right-of- passage for her. She even had "tears of joy" and went screaming around the house. I'm not kidding. She really cried. I am pretty sure that every relative and friend has been called and she is now making her way through the telephone directory.