Thursday, May 17, 2012

Never Enough

What is it about our trips to Utah that just leave me excited for the next trip? Maybe it is because our families ROCK! So what do we do about this? We get on the road....or try to anyway.  The only thing keeping us from our destination were the backsides of these very large cows.
The first part of our trip was spent in Highland with Amber's family. Nae and I got attacked from a storm trooper, a Green Bay Packers Linesman, a motley crew...and Megan with a rake. Nae screamed and became paralyzed, while I left her at the mercy of our attackers. But at least I sacrificed my body for her leather jacket!!! Well, it wasn't real leather but for some reason it seemed very important to me at the time. Turns out we survived...and learned a little bit about our defense mechanisms in the process.

 If you get a chance to check out The Gardens at Thanksgiving Point it would be well worth your time. BEAUTIFUL. The kids all thought it was a magical garden and that the butterflies were really fairies in disguise. The only disgruntled member was Thomas who almost took a bullfrog home. His ability to sulk is impressive. He almost had me convinced that a pet bull frog was a logical idea.

 Proper reverence was given to April Fool's. Nae pranked Mom and Dad. Robert dance dared Amber. Thomas and Nae fell for the ol' snap-its-on-the-toilet scheme. Classic.

 Kangaroo Zoo was visited. Are we surprised? I didn't think so.

 We went to sushi after KZ where Will and Ella got their OWN table and thought they were on a date.Will was a perfect gentleman.  Clearly.

 Then it was off to the great Northern lands of Logan to visit Rob's family (I do feel guilty having such a good time without him, especially with his own family). We met Annie and those cute little twins at the Baby Animal Days. They got to hold and touch so many animals, ride a train, ride ponies, watch a blacksmith, and feed the chickens some popcorn (shhhhh...don't tell). Plus balloons, hotdogs, and a REAL pioneer house (this was very interesting to Ella who has declared she is going to be an interior decorator).

 Dee was our designated babysitter while us big girls went shopping and movie watching. One of the biggest blessings in my life will always be in the form of my in-laws. I love them and I love spending time with them which not everybody can say about their in-laws. It just isn't ever enough.
 The girls played with their cousins and had a slumber party every night while they fell asleep watching movies. It was too cute listening to the giggles coming from downstairs. Ella instituted a dance party. The girls dressed up, the infamous disco ball was fired up and Kristen was the DJ.  That is a recipe for fabulousness. Maybe a little too much fabulousness since the girls were a bit tired the next day. 
Let the Easter festivities begin.  We did it all!  Egg hunts, more egg hunts, then some more, and even more egg hunts.  Eggs were decorated (Brooke's was my favorite because she worked on it long after the others had finished and made the cutest little egg-man).  Eggs were thrown, hit, jumped on, raced, and smashed. The only thing that would have made this Easter better was if Rob was able to make it to Utah like planned.  However, the Transportation Gods were smiting him sorely. Those nasty things.  We didn't have our Easter dresses (darn Transportation Gods) but the girls still looked cute. But they pretty much look cute no matter what.  Even when a certain three-year-old-going-on-sixteen doesn't want to take any pictures.  

When we got home the girls were so surprised that Easter Bunny had left them a gift (or should I say 14 gifts!) that would not fit in their baskets...

To be continued...