Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Cheer and In-Betweens

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! This Christmas Season has been one of my favorites. The girl's and I have been baking and crafting for weeks now and our home has a permanent scent of cinnamon as a result:) We have gone hunting for Santa's sleigh and reindeer (Brooke saw them in the sky once). The girls saw Santa. Ella asked for a trampoline along with a million other toys and Brooke sat on my lap next to Santa and didn't talk to him. Christmas songs are a favorite (Rob's version of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is brilliant). We also have been reading a novel each night as we cuddle up by the fire.

This year both Ella and Brooke were able to be a part of the Christmas Program at their school. Ella was so excited but Brooke was terrified. So I gave her one of my necklaces and she had "put my love" into it so she could be brave. Cute. Ella also got one:) After the program Brooke told Rob that she wouldn't ever do that again. Ella quickly piped up and said that she loved it!

I have been busy baking in our new kitchen and Rob swears he washes at least one
cookie sheet every day. I also put together a church Christmas Program and had a blast with everyone! Thanks to all who participated! Now we can get excited for an Easter Program :)

As we close out this year here are some of my favorite pics from some of the in-between moments that I haven't posted. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Smiling in her sleep:)

Story time!

Caught with a pen!

My Squish

Apparently they ran out of gas mid-play...

their everyday clothes

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fall Holidays

Here's some pics from Halloween and Thanksgiving:) Ella and I were ballerinas. Brooke was Rapunzel. Claire was a kangaroo. Kristie was a super-dog. Rob was a beach bum but I don't have any pictures:(We went to the Blodgett Canyon ward party where some friends and I did a little mock-mom's-life-ballet. Then we ran over to our ward for a trunk or treat. And of course you can't beat trick-or-treating in the crazy Halloween Mecca of 3rd and 4th street. Seriously, it is something to behold.

This was our first ever Thanksgiving by ourselves so we decided to be completely unconventional and have a seafood dinner. I don't like turkey anyway. We went to a little cabin just out of town that had a little pond. The girls thought it was amazing. It was really quite small but they had so much fun. We played games and played outside. We had dinner on Friday instead of Thursday since we were at the cabin. Saturday was our big Christmas decorating day ( I LOVE this day!!!)