Monday, August 15, 2011

Little Adventures

It is official. I am a blogger. The reason for this undertaking is simply because of and for my family. I am hoping to capture the everyday adventures of us. Maybe one day we can look back and remember all the moments that got lost in the cracks of life. So here is a little intro of who we are as of right now.

We are up to almost SEVEN years! Those seven years include 5 moves in four different states, 3 girls, 1 house, 1 dog and LOTS of fun! Rob is a mad scientist and I am home with the kiddos. Most of our adventures will find us out in the beautiful Montana playground.

This is my Ella! My social little girl! She LOVES people! This girl's heart is HUGE. She feels life much deeper and stronger than any other person I have met and I love her for it. She will beat you in a foot race too. The only one who can catch up to her is our dog. Not bad for a four year old. Her latest passion is ballet. She was just a duckling in her first recital. Hilariously adorable.

This picture pretty much sums up Brooke. Some sort of creepy crawly in her one hand and a flower in the other. This one is my nature lover. Yesterday I found her outside laying on the grass watching the butterflies flying in the garden while she was holding one as well! She also has a better vocabulary than most
adults I know. Brooke is always kind to others and will give her most prized possessions to those she lovesAnd finally we have our little Claire. What a doll huh? She is the most pleasant and light-hearted thing around. This little girl is my spring flower. She is also my distraction, not because she needs attention, but just because she is smiling all the time and who can resist that? None. That's who .P.S. She is also in the 90th percentile for her height and weight. We grow 'em big.


Shanae Lewis said...

I miss you and your girls so much! I love that picture of Brooke. I laughed pretty hard on that one. It is so her.

Annie said...

hey tara! love that you started a blog, i think it is so much fun to keep in touch with people through blogs. love that picture of claire, she is getting so big and CUTE! keep the posts coming!

Jen & Randy said...

Cute Family!

John and Anna said...

Oh Yay! I'm glad for another way to keep up on your cute family! I love all the pictures too! Keep em comin'. :)