Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Feb!

What better way to start the month than going on a spontaneous trip to Utah? Even Rob was able to come for our niece's blessing. Everything was fabulous. Again, it was too short. Amber did a great job hosting 50+ people in her house! YIKES! My favorites of the trip was having three babies to pass around, seeing Robert and Megan's basement coming to life, and GAMES!! Love the games. So fun. It was really hard to leave, as usual. But it is good to come back home. These girls are going to have so much fun together. What cuties!

I was busy with school and a technical paper. I also played a lot this month! I went up to Missoula with Anya WITHOUT ANY KIDS for an entire day. I love that girl and I loved our girl day. Rob was busy with bishopric business and a bishopric retreat with the youth this month. He didn't take his camera so I don't have any pictures of what he did, but I do have some of what we did:) We had a pizza party with Ashten and Carter while watching a movie. This has become a tradition to have them over when both our husbands are gone. I think Ashten and I look forward to it more than the kids:) Good friends=good times! This time the kids watched THE LAST UNICORN!!! It was mine and Ashten's favorite movie when we were little and now my girls are obsessed. It is a lot weirder than I remember.

And we can't forget the girls' favorite game of the month. I quite like when they play. They just laugh hysterically the entire time.

Valentine's is always a hit around here. The girls had fun with their V-Day gifts for their dad and friends. Rob always spoils me. He brought home an assortment of VERY random ingredients from oysters to fig newtons and we cooked together using all of our ingredients. The oysters were disgusting but everything else was pretty good. We also went over to the Kearns' for a big group date game night. And we can't forget our traditional sushi night. Did I mention that I love V-Day?? Because I do. And can I just say that Bonnie sent the cutest PJ's for Claire with the best use of heart decor I have seen to date.

Ella lost another tooth, but without the tears of joy this time. Brooke is trying to be brave and less shy at school. Last week she even stood on the stool at school by herself without Ms. Nita helping. It may sound small but this is a monumental leap for her. The girls also got a slumber party in their tent.

Now for the big news....Claire is crawling!!! All of my Pinterest projects are going to be put on hold....sigh. But what a cutie. She has gotten so big! Everyday she changes so much faster than I am ready for. I wish they could all stay small.

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Annie said...

oh claire! such a doll!! glad you are managing to have some fun, even without us around :-) i hear you are coming down in a few weeks, though. can't wait to see you guys!