Sunday, July 15, 2012


It has been  very long wait for Brooke's 4th birthday:) That poor girl thought it would never come.  But it did and she is officially big.  She got her bike and loves her "cool seat".  She enjoyed putting it together with her dad and felt very important all day.

We were going to have her party at the park but the weather was unreliable so we moved it last minute to our house which meant that I ran around trying to get beach/dolphin decorations but it all worked out fine.  The kids ran around and we played a couple outdoor games.

The pinata was a hit ;) (pun intended).
We came inside for cake and presents and then...GOT OUT THE BUBBLE MACHINE!

Never before have I heard so much happiness coming from our yard!  Those were some happy little people running around.    At the end of the day Brooke fell asleep with a smile.   Happy birthday sweet Brooke!

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