Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Harvest!

I LOVE this time of the year! I love the colors, I love cuddling under blankets, I love the HARVEST! It is also Ella's birthday. This year our house was still slightly unfinished from our kitchen fiasco so Ella's "BUGS AND BUTTERFLIES" party was moved to the park. Five is a monumental age for a little one and it was a good day:) Thanks Mom for helping with the cake!

What do we do when we aren't throwing birthday parties? We harvest! These pumpkins are from our garden. The apples are from our tress (I am so mad I didn't get pics of the kids picking them!)The geese are even from the field! Rob saw them land during dinner and got his gun, walked outside and shot the geese! I need to just say that it made me sad and I even cried a little bit. The geese didn't taste very good either. Ashten (The best canning buddy in the world) and I canned apple pie filling, jalapeno pickles, bread and butter pickles, jalapeno jam, and raspberry jam. This was my first year canning and as weird as it was addicting. My breakfast now consists of homemade toast and jam! SO MUCH HAPPINESS!!! While we were in the kitchen the girls were stacking wood with dad or painting pumpkins :)

We can't forget the traditional Halloween crafts. This year we made pumpkin sun-catchers, spiders, and ghosts. The kids didn't want to put their ghosts up but ran around the house "scaring" everyone.

We spend most of our day in the kitchen. Right here Claire is playing in the sink while the girls and I are making granola bars. I will always picture my counters covered with children in dress ups and ingredients.

This time of year also brought around CLAIRE"S FIRST FEEDING. The pictures explain it all.



Annie said...

It's so fun to see your harvest pics!! I also LOVE how the butterfly cake turned out!!! Very creative!!
Love the pics of the girls, and little Claire eating....adorable!!

Child Family said...

Sooo, I'm not sure how my comment came under Annie's name, but that is what happened!! It's me!!!

John and Anna said...

Oh wow! I'm impressed! Sometimes I feel like you're living the life I used to picture myself living. I know we've talked about this before, but it's kinda funny how our lives may turn out so very unlike how we pictured, but more like what Heavenly Father pictured for us. :) Still, I wish we could be neighbors so I could do all these fun things with you. :) You really are awesome Tara!