Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I enjoy my sleep. Rob enjoys NOT waking me from my sleep. But sometimes he has to. Like when our kitchen is flooded. Rob had to rush off to work which left me with a very wet mess. Luckily we know a guy. The guy told us that the kitchen and mud room is ruined and will be gutted and renovated. My initial reaction was PURE JOY!!! Christmas came early this year! I would LOVE to design my own kitchen!! Rob on the other hand.....not so excited. The bad news was that the girls and I would be gone for another 3-4weeks.

Sweet little Ella loves her daddy. This particular day was supposed to be a "Let's-surprise-Dad-just-because-we-love-him-day". We had some great plans made and when we couldn't do them anymore Ella got so sad. So we brainstormed and came up with a craft that we will probably do every time we take a trip while Rob stays home. ROLO PRINCESSES (naturally)! All that is needed is some white copy paper, some markers, scissors, Rolos, and a couple adorable girls with big imaginations. We initially wanted to make individual wrappers and wrap Rolos and leave them for Rob so that every time he opened on he would think of the girls. After they were wrapped Brooke's Rolos that were wrapped were clearly more beautiful than the ones that weren't and those became princesses. The others became bad guys. Oh the battle that ensued!! The bad guys won. This was one of the cutest craft ideas we have ever done:) A tradition has been born!

So we went to Utah and had another fabulous trip! So much to do. I thought 3-4 weeks would be a ton of time but it was JAM PACKED! We ran out of time! So here are some pics of a few things we did:) Love and miss you all!

P.S. New kitchen pictures will be coming later. I am waiting to finish a project using some goods from ANTRHOPOLOGIE...

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Annie said...

love the rolo princesses! we may have to adapt it and turn them into rolo backhoes or something. i am still SO excited to see pictures of your kitchen!