Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

This is why I love Christmas Vacation!

Christmas Eve Nativity and Talent Show! This year's talent show may have been one of the best. Almost everyone participated. It is amazing to me how much talent can be in one room:)

Christmas morning! One of my favorite moments was when Brooke and Ella got each other the same present-a mermaid Barbie-and they were both so excited they gave each other a huge hug. Priceless. Another favorite was when Ella was in the kitchen "helping" Grandma and Kristen when she ate a strawberry and said, "There is nothing like a good strawberry on Christmas morning!" Favorite #3 of that day was during Christmas breakfast. Mikelle was telling everyone how she remembers it being so hard to sit and eat Christmas breakfast when all she wanted to do was unwrap her presents. Ella exclaimed,"Oh, come on! This is the BEST!". I think she gets what it is really about. Favorite #4 would be Mikelle freaking out when she found out we are all going to Alaska this summer. Cute. Favorite #5: Russ in his Forever Lazy.

Ice fishing!

CABIN FUN. Games, snow, games, BB gun tournaments, food, games, movies. I think we all learned that we are just as bad at pool as we were afraid of.

See. I told you the Forever Lazy was amazing.

One word needed to explain. Quelf.

Parents-of-the-Year-Award may not be in reach this year. She will be showing these to her counselor some day. Let me explain the box and orange. I asked Rob to take her while I ran outside. I came back in and was greeted with my baby in a box eating an orange while Rob was taking advantage of his vacation time. It's a good thing she really is the best baby ever.

KANGAROO ZOO!!! AKA "My children's happy place".

This is the only part of our vacation that was bittersweet. Rob and Claire were sick and we didn't want to get baby Amelia and Evelyn sick so we decided not to stay with Amber and her family. Robert, Amber and Shanae met up with us for dinner in Salt Lake. Let me just say we definitely put our short amount of time to good use. I will proudly admit that tears came as I had to walk away from everyone. I think that is a good sign.

Temple Square Lights:)

Bringing in the New Year!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you, and you, and you, and you!
This was my view on our way home. I'm sure she had a sore neck that night.


Child Family said...

Oh my word, Tara!!! You captured so many magic moments!! Looking at these pictures made me laugh and cry...I want to put them into a book and relive this Christmas over and over. Thanks for posting the memories!!!

Annie said...

love this post! i think my favorite part of this post was reading that rob put claire (oh i miss that squishy baby!!) in an orange box. it reminded me of the time i left russ home alone withe boys, for possibly the first time, while i ran to the store. i came home to find them laying, naked, in a crib surrounded by butter knives. men just think about things the same way we women do :-) keep your posts coming - i can't get enough of them!